Wildwood & District Agricultural Society

The Society has operated since 1939 holding an annual fair 3rd Friday of August.

Event Highlights: Bench Shows, Children's Events, Gymkhana, Horticulture Events, Livestock Events, Parades

Program Highlights: Breakfast, Parade, Bench Show, Livestock Show, Kids Games, Colouring contest.

Awards night in October honours the fair prize winners and recognizes sponsors of awards. It's a night to exhibit BIG vegetables with a cash prize of $10.00 awarded to various large vegetables like pumpkin, squash, parsnip. garlic, carrot etc. or largest sunflower or tallest stalk of grain.


2022 Parade Theme is: We're Back ... It's a Celebration!

Wildwood Agricultural Society 2022 Executive -

President - Wilma Swinkels
Vice President - John Mochnuik
Treasurer - Carol Riehl
Secretary - Connie Fahrion

Phone - 780-325-2424 

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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