Wildwood Community Association


For Bookings Contact Mary Anderson 780-514-0380

Bingo  --  Monday night bingo at 7:30pm in the Community Hall 

35 Regular Games   -   Jackpot   -   Progressive Jackpot    -    Lucky 7

Meetings  --  4th Thursday of each month at 11:00 am in the Community Hall

Jamborees  --  3rd Wednesday each month doors open at 12:00 pm for Jamboree from 1:00 til 5:00 pm in the Community Hall

Music and Lunch $10.00

Facilities  -- Meeting Room for 40 people  --  Main hall holds 350 people

Kitchen Facilities  --  Dishes may be rented from the Ladies Aid Society at 780-325-2180


Good choice for Weddings Parties or Funerals