Donahoo School #2277 was registered September 10, 1910, that same date as the Empyrean School #2274. These were the first two schools in Junkins (wildwood) area. The land for the school, NE 1/3 17-53-9-W5 was donated by Mr. Silas King and was named for Mr. Donahoo, who was very instrumental in getting the school built. The original school was completed in 1914. The school eventually became too small to accommodate the students and a new school and teacherage were erected in 1936. The school was functional for students until 1957, when the students were consolidated with Wildwood.

On July 1, 2, and 3, 1983 a very successful Donahoo School Reunion was held and subsequently “The Donahoo Community Association (1983) was organized in hopes of reviving “the Spirit of Donahoo” that was so very dear to the community.

On July 2, 2009 the association was dissolved, however, on December 6, 2011 it was revived thanks to renewed interest of old and new community members.

Currently, we have a small membership with very big hearts. We have done some refurbishing in the school house, such as installing lovely ceiling lights from the era. We have cleaned up the old stove and placed items such as ink bottles, desks, a globe, books, maps, etc. throughout the school. Please note that the piano that was given to the school and students by Mrs. Emily Browne, while she was teaching there 1945 – 1950, remains in the school and is played by anyone who is respectful and capable of playing the piano. Mrs. Browne felt “all children should be exposed to music” and it was her wish that the piano remains in the school. Bless her heart.

We keep the spirit of the old school alive in the community by having bake sales and teas on a regular basis. We have Potluck Suppers throughout the year and a New Year’s Eve Potluck which is very well attended and brings out new guests which are always welcome. We also hold an annual garage sale and barbeque as a fund raiser.

Interdenominational Church Services are held at the school the second and fourth Sundays of each month followed by a pot luck supper and fellowship. Services begin at 3:00 pm and guests are welcome to attend.